New Toy Awesomeness!

My sister and I were chatting on Yahoo a few weeks ago. It was the usual stuff-talk of family, work, friends, etc. And then the conversation changed to gizmos. Julie asked me why I hadn't bought one of those new Blu-Ray players that allow you to stream movies from Netflix. Well, I was vaguely aware that you could do such a thing but in all honesty I thought the system would probably cost way more than I could afford. I told Julie that it sounded pretty cool but I wasn't really interested in upgrading to Blu-rays just yet. "I dunno," she said, "as much as you like movies you should really check into it. I think you might be missing out on something really cool."

I did a web search and found out that Blu Ray players werent nearly as expensive as they were the last time I checked on them. Still-I just wasn't feeling the blu-ray excitement. I mean, do you know how long it took me to replace my VHS collection with DVDs? A long time! (A long time made even longer when my home was burglarized and every dvd I had was taken along with all of my cds!) So, the thought of replacing my dvds with blu-rays wasn't something I relished. DVDs provided all of the resolution I needed along with mighty fine sound.

No, what I was really biting the bit for, oddly enough since my game playing skills are miniscule to say the least, was a new gaming system. A playstation 3. If I got a playstation 3 I could play the new uber cool batman game Arkham Asylum and a few others I'd been hearing about. So, I went from researching blu-rays to looking at PS3's. An article in PC magazine caught my attention when it rated the ps3 as one of the best blu-ray players on the market. Really?? I had no idea that it would play a blu-ray! There was even more though! A PS3 could stream movies from Netflix too! Now I was seriously getting interested. OK, it's a game console. A blu-ray player. A dvd player. A web browser. It can play virtually all of your downloaded video clips, music,'s just an all in one media center! I could feel my mouth watering for that!

As it turned out I was knocking back some major overtime then so I'd have a pile of extra money to play with. I decided to take the plunge and buy a ps3. It's incredibly cool! The games are insanely detailed, streaming movies from netflix works great, the blu-ray player rocks, and I dont have to constantly burn things to dvd to watch them on my hidef tv.

My ps3 is definitely one of the best toys I've ever treated myself to.

Thanks Julie! :)

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