Obsessions: Owning Star Trek

When I was a kid I used to watch Star Trek and tape it-with a big, bulky tape recorder.  Not a VCR, mind you, but a 50 lb (so it seemed) cassette recorder. I thought that was soooo cool.  I could even edit out the commercials! Then, I could listen to my favorite Star Trek episodes over and over-when I was laying in bed or reading comics, or writing pen-pal letters-just anytime! Unfortunately, mom and dad and little sister didn't share my enthusiasm for Star Trek and they felt obliged to talk or slam doors or make noise whenever they felt like it so many of my tapes had background noise and inevitably me wailing in protest, "HEY, I'M RECORDING MY SHOWWWW, SHHHH!" 

Dad bought me these cheapie cheapie cassettes that came like six in a bag. They would take a few weeks of punishment before warbling and finally coming unthreaded in the recorder. I was constantly fast forwarding and rewinding to listen to my favorite parts of the show or to hurry past a section where mom and dad had to have a conversation or tell me to go do something or another.

Several years later Mom and Dad bought us a VCR.  A VCR!! WOOOOW!  It weighed 500 lbs (seemingly) and even had a remote control on a long cord you could plug into the machine.  Of course, then you had to scoot your chair like 4 feet from the VCR so you could enjoy the luxury of sitting down AND controlling the VCR at the same time. I was nearly delirious with excitement.  Now, not only could I rent movies but I could RECORD MOVIES.  We even had cable at the time.  I was certain I didn't know how the poor shlobs of the world lived their meaningless VCR and CABLE-LESS lives!  I rushed right out to Walmart and bought a blank 6hr video cassette. KODAK brand. 8 bucks! Life was complete! I had everything I needed-to TAPE STAR TREK! Now I could listen to it AND watch it!  Heart pills, please!

Every week day I religiously sat in front of our TV and taped Star Trek, editing out the commercials.  Sometimes I experienced hiccups: storms, power outages, once in a great while I'd mistakenly tape over the previous days episode. By the end of the Summer I had myself the complete run of Star Trek on VHS. I was so happy!   I could usually get 7 episodes on a tape without the commercials and sometimes without the ending credits.

 It was around this time that the studios began releasing tv shows on vhs. Star Trek was one of those shows and I drooled incessantly over it; but the price was hefty for just one or two episodes at a time and I didn't like the whole get a tape every other month thing. I did eventually buy retail copies of my very favorite episodes but that was it.

I made due with my home-taped Star Trek and my handful of store bought episodes for 20 years. Man, I can't believe it's been that long! I put those tapes through some serious abuse and none of them ever gave out.

Of course, the 2000s brought on the DVD format. My sister bought me my first DVD player in 2000 for Christmas along with a slug of movies.  It wasn't long before I set out to replace my home taped stuff with the new DVD format.  At the top of my list was-you guessed it-Star Trek.  Only, by 2000 there wasn't just the original series but the popular Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. Both of those shows I had on tape but they were spotty-lots of gaps. In 2003, I believe, I started buying season sets of The Next Generation. I loved TNG but not as much as the original series which hadn't been released yet in boxed season sets. In 2006 I finally had The original series on DVD. They looked and sounded fantastic with lots of extra geeky features.  I thought, "Well, this is it!" I've finally gotten my hands on the ultimate editions of Star Trek!

Nope, not yet!

Paramount decided to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Trek in a big way-by completely remastering the original Star Trek.  Not only would the opening theme music be re-recorded and the film tidied up, but all of the special effects would be completely redone! And it would all be released on Blu-Ray! Wow.

You know, I actually thought I could live happily without them. After all, I had the series on DVD. Sure, the new remastering would be cool-but was it really worth buying again?  Well, I wasn't so sure until I bought a playstation 3 which also acts as a very nice Blu-ray player.  Once I saw a movie in 1080dpi on a hi def screen I knew that buying the Original Star Trek series all over again would be WELL worth it!

Now, my Star Trek Blu-Rays are shipping to my house at warp speed and I'm the happiest birthday boy in the quadrant. (THANKS JULIE AND KEITH!).

I guess I would buy them all over again if something cool enough came along.  I can't imagine what the next step would be though....3D?  Hmmmmm!

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