Everything was Better In the 80s: Professional Wrestling

The other night at work I had one of those rare moments where all of the clients were sitting in the same room and NOT trying to kill each other. No, instead they were watching ECW (I think) wrestlers kill each other.

I haven't been a fan of wrestling since my late teens. Watching wrestling the other night with the clients made me remember why....ITS BEYOND IDIOTIC! Seriously, have you seen those comedy hour like skits they have between matches??? Who writes that crap??? And, uhmmm...WHY??? It's demeaning to the fans and it must be humiliating to the wrestlers!

Back when I was a kid, a teenager, wrestling was still as fake as Mall Santa's beard but it wasn't frickin' insulting! Man, give me Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Junkyard Dog, Harley Race, Mr. Wrestling II, Dr. Death or any number of the mostly forgotten wrestlers who had their heydays in the 70's and 80 and I'll show you PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING! Those guys didn't need scripted segments that played like a Saturday Night Live reject segment. They let their characters and their talents win over the fans.

Wrestling was DEFINITELY better in the 80s. A few reasons why: Mid-South Wrestling, WCW, Gordon Solie, and TBS.

What is this drivel they call SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT? It's got far more to do with idiocy than it does sports or entertainment, I can tell you that!


deblake60 said...

Do you remember those "debates" we used to get into over wrestling? I would tell you it was all faked and you would get soooooo mad at me.

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