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I've been a Batman nut my entire life. Ok, that's roughly about thirty-six of my forty years! Long time now. When I discovered Batman in the comics he was slowly phasing out of his "buffoon" stage (thanks to the 60's tv show) and edging back to his roots; he was becoming BATMAN again.
As the years passed by the original Robin (Dick Grayson) grew up and went to college. Batman solo'd it again for a while before taking another ward. That happened a few times. Those made interesting stories. Well, you can only change sidekicks so many times so what's left? Kill Batman himself, of course! Do away with Bruce Wayne and have someone new fill that mighty cape and cowl for a while.
That's exactly what the new comic book Batman and Robin has done. Batman/Bruce Wayne is dead (Yeah, sure he is!). Long live Batman! The original Robin, now a grown man returns to take the Batman mantle. Helping him out is Damien Wayne-Bruce Waynes son-the new robin on the block.
I'm a devoted Bruce Wayne/Batman fan but I must admit that this new twist in the Batman mythos is mighty refreshing! The writer, Grant Morrison, is fantastic. This new book leans towards the more fantastical side (the batmobile flies-the villains are far out to say the least) but its all fun. Lots of fun! I heartily recommend anyone who's a batfan to give this book a chance.
I always wanted to see Dick Grayson as the Batman, but not permanently. Regardless, this'll keep me turning pages until the REAL and the BEST Batman returns!

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