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Everyone knows I love comics! I bet ya wouldn't be that surprised then to learn that I love cartoons, too! Especially when those cartoons are based on comic books. Superman/Batman Public Enemies is a new animated feature from DC that I've been waiting on for a while! Finally got to watch it last night.

I've gotta tell ya right off the bat...it's a CARTOON! So, I'm not gonna be real nitpicky. I'll just boil it down to the good and the bad, what I liked and what I didn't.

Good: I loved the animation. Especially Batman. He looked awesome. I loved the voice actors. The interplay between Superman-Batman was pitch perfect, especially for a cartoon. Lots of action.

Bad: Hey, we don't really need to understand the plot--do we?? Aw, let's just throw that out the window! They would have been better served. The plot, or should I say lack thereof sucked big time. That also affected other things like logic and motivation.

Result: Kids will love it. Adult fans will find lots to like. I give it a B

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deblake60 said...

I recently viewed it as well with my son. He's not picky on which hero to root for, anyone with a cape. He even rooted for Power-Girl and Captain Marvel.

Plot was poor. Despite the fact the writers made the meteor out of green K, which Superman couldn't stopped (not sure if Power-Girl could. . . although she is a shadow sub for Supergirl. . . anyway, my son asked me why couldn't Marvel stopped it. . . out of the mouths of babes. Maybe, before another creation is made, maybe they should have my son view it to help plug the holes. lol.

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